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MELBOURNE TRAP PACK drops another big compilation!

The Melbourne Trap Pack, home to all things bass in Melbourne, has come out with the second instalment of their compilation album.

Featuring many homegrown producers & members of the ever-growing Pack, the Melbourne Trap Pack Compilation 2 is filled to the brim with face-melting bass hits, punchy kick drums and snapping snares. Starting off strong, Cirrus comes out of the corner throwing the fattest 808 punches you’ve heard all week with his slow, eerie & heavy hitting track; ‘Pull It Back‘. The raw energy of ‘Pull It Back’ really shines with its powerful bassline and growling synths.

Notpil & Staygo follow up with their Future Bass banger; ‘Don’t Go‘. Featuring bright synth chords, emotive keys and super tight drums, ‘Don’t Go’ has you feeling like you’ve just broken up with the girl of your dreams and the only solution is to mosh your feelings away.

Next up is Tyler Maddern & Grove with their heater, ‘Breaker‘. With two different yet equally exciting drops, satisfyingly snappy snares and energetic percussion pieces, this track is guaranteed to induce symptoms of acute bass-face to everyone exposed.

Continuing the hype is MLNIUM with his high-octane, hybrid monster; ‘Scared‘. This track was made for the mosh-pit, with a thundering bassline and abrasive, gritty synth stabs that will have the faint-hearted running ‘scared‘. The various vocal samples peppered throughout the track add a fun texture to this bassy monster of a beat.

Rounding out the MTP Compilation 2 lineup is Oakley Grenell with ‘Snappy Cake’. ‘Snappy Cake’ is packed full of energy with heavy drums and an unrelenting bassline that won’t let you rest. Even as the break comes around with its haunting keys and crunchy vocal stabs, you feel the tension rising and know full well that this drop is about to make you turn up, whether you’re willing or not.

The Melbourne Trap Pack have really outdone themselves with their latest compilation album, and it really showcases some of the amazing talent coming out of the city.

If you enjoyed what you heard, scope out their first compilation album, and consider becoming a part of the MELBOURNE TRAP PACK; a welcoming place for sharing and loving all things bass.