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Getting To Know Diskord, Their New War EP + More!

We were lucky enough to get the chance to learn more about the Bristol boys behind Diskord.  In the short time that they’ve been making music together, they have certainly made a name for themselves! They have put out some amazing tracks in such a short time, as well as collaborating with some pretty big names in the music scene.  Diskord has a very unique sound and you can’t not get wild when you hear their tracks dropped.  Their most recent War EP has already received crazy praise since its release about a month ago. Hope you enjoy getting to know them a little more like we did!

So, your new EP, War, seems to be influenced by action movies like Fight Club and Terminator 2. What brought about that idea? Are those your guys’ favorite movies?

They’re defo up there! When we write music we often think of a theme before we start and run with that. It helps dictate where the tune is going.

What was each of your personal favorite track off War?

We’re really happy with how the vip mix of war turned out. We made the idea for the drop well over a year ago but never knew where to take it. When Mikey sent us the vocal, we chucked it over the idea and the song wrote itself pretty much! So yeh big ups to Mikey for preventing that idea getting lost in the abyss with so many other unfinished loops!!

Following the new music, can we expect a War tour from you this summer?

War tour….like it! Might have to steal that one!! But yeh we have some wicked stuff planned for the year and will announce as soon as we’re allowed.

Your collab with JVST SAY YES has been getting crazy good feedback, what was it like working with him?

We’ve known Rob for years. He’s originally from our home town of Bristol before he disappeared to LA to become cool and successful!! Nah Robs a legend and it was super easy and fun working with him. He brought a solid idea to us, we sprinkled some DISKORD over it and it was done and dusted in a few sessions. The whole process was super easy.

Obviously you guys are no strangers to the music scene, you’ve been making incredible music and working with some amazing artists over the years. Who is someone you haven’t collabed with yet that you would like to?

Its mad because within the EDM world we’re already working on music with some of our idols and the people who got us into this whole thing. Cant drop names just yet but theres some mega exciting colabs coming from us later this year. Outside of EDM we’re the biggest Kanye fan boys. We have utmost respect for that guys talent. Being in a room making music with him would just be the maddest experience.

What else can we expect from Diskord in 2017?

Releasing the best music we’ve made to date and smashing up clubs around the world… that should cover it!

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