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Yin And Yang, Blinders Releases New EP ‘Two Sides’

From Sirene, to his Center of the Universe Remix to the #1 Buzz Chart smash Riffter. The Polish House DJ is back at again today with his new EP called Two Sides.

The new EP includes Broken and Molly (ft. Cardiknox), two amazing songs that act as yin and yang to one another. Molly brings you sunny day feel good vibes with an excellent vocal collage by the indie group Cardiknox, meanwhile almost as if he flipped a 180, he knocks it out of the park with an early 2000’s rock infused dark and aggressive counterpart called Broken. Starkly different yet so appropriate to the name Two Sides, Blinders will sure turn the tables as his music blast through your ears this summer.

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