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Spirited Presents Crazy 5-Man Trap Banger!

‘The Block’ is the latest single released on Spirited by Vlien Boy, Stereoliez and Peacemakers.

This week Vlien Boy, Stereoliez, and The Peacemakers teamed up to bring a wild tune. ‘The Block’ is the hybrid trap record that’ll blow you away with it’s intriguing sound design and high energy. The pace of the song will keep you at the edge of your seat as it’s appeal will make it impossible to resist dancing. Vlien Boy being the california native he is has shown a lot of potential and this collaboration shows just that. The Italian based duo known as Stereoliez have been floating around the scene for years, influencing their audience with an array of bass music. The surprise comes from The Peacemakers, straying away from their usual releases on OTODAYO Records they make their debut on Spirited to leave a lasting impression. The styles from all musicians collided extremely well as we give it the thumbs up of approval. ‘The Block’ is out now for free download!

Stream The Track Here:

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