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TroyBoi’s “Hooper” A Slam Dunk From New Album ‘Left Is Right’

Troyboi is the king of all things swag in music. Every beat this man touches brings groove, funk and a little uumphh with it. Gearing up to release his new album ‘Left Is Right’, the british bass and hiphop “Music Manipulation Specialist” has premiered the first single “Hooper”.

The game of rhythm in “Hooper” begins with a kick drum reminiscent of a certain Flume track and Healthy Chill spitting bars. The beat is minimal with naught but the rise of white noise building to the drop. Healthy delivers a final lyric and we’re warmly welcomed by TroyBoi’s head-bob inducing beat with a constricted synth loop providing a little melody. “Hooper” features aspects that resignate with TroyBoi’s style such as the tortured percussive hits precariously placed throughout the track. Another favorite bit would be the British production wizard’s ability to throw interesting pieces of sound design into the mix almost seamlessly.

“Hooper” is out currently on iTunes but the album ‘Left is Right’ has yet to drop!

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