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Electric Forest Was An Absolute Dream

Coming back home from festivals is always the hardest thing in the world, especially Forest.  This is the most magical place that we have ever been to, the music, people, forest; everything.  Everyone is so kind and willing to reach out a hand to those in need; anywhere you walked people had the biggest smiles on their faces and from the moment we woke up we could hear people shouting “happy forest” all over.  Even with the rain, Electric Forest was still the best thing that we have ever experienced, we still feel high off all the vibes and beauty that surrounded us all of weekend one. Regardless of all the rain that may have hit over the course of the weekend, it was still the best thing in the world.

We were lucky enough to have early arrival, so we got there Wednesday and got to set up camp with a huge group of people, as well as the rest of the other beautiful early arrival attendees.  Getting to explore around the day before was SO cool, even though we couldn’t go into the forest itself, just getting to meet all kinds of people from all over and check out all the booths they had was super cool.  Seriously when we say this is the best festival we have ever been to, we mean it.  We have never experienced anything like Forest; everyone there is so full of life and happiness; you can tell people are there for the music, not just to say that they went.  We felt so comfortable just being who we are naturally, we could wake up, throw on our pashminas and a big t-shirt and be good to go. That night there were tons of awesome RV sets to get us pumped up for the first day; everyone was slaying and so energetic for what day 1 would bring.

Day 1 arrived, wow it was finally here.  This festival that we had dreamed of going to for years; and the first day was really here.  Nothing will ever compare to walking into Forest for the first time, hearing the music start playing at Tripolee, as everyone as walking through the gates high fiving one another and shouting HAPPY FOREST, we remember one girl telling every girl she saw how beautiful they were.  Seriously from the very start it was nothing but love and happiness all around.  We spent a lot of the first day just wandering around and taking in all that the forest had to offer.  We caught the end of EDEN’s set at Sherwood Court and from there headed over to The Hangar to catch Space Jesus solo set of the weekend.  That place got packed; with over 15K people scheduled to see him throw down.  It was incredible, hearing him drop Space Boss and looking around and seeing so many people so hyped; moments like that are what we truly live for. We caught Dabin at Forest Stage after that, and what a beautiful experience that was.  The rain started to come down, and he dropped his Afterlife remix, and brought out Illenium in doing so.  Seriously every single moment spent at Forest felt like a dream.  Wandering around for the first time at night was breathtaking, we cant’t even tell you how many times our jaws dropped at everything we were seeing and feeling.

Day two we saw so many amazing artists, seeing Trampa right into Space Jesus b2b Liquid Stranger at Tripolee was UNREAL.  That b2b had to be hands down our favorite set of the weekend.  Every single track they dropped had as grabbing our faces and screaming WHAT!! Those two create melting music together; the energy was just unparalleled to anything else. Now let us tell you about Jai Wolf, wow. Looking around and seeing so many beautiful people so happy and in love; and to top it off Jai Wolf brought a fan up on stage to propose to his girlfriend, and in doing so Indian Summer dropped right then. That was a moment that brought so much clarity to our lives we are forever so thankful. We finished off the night at Tripolee with Pendulum, Crizzly and Zomboy, and managed to catch the last bit of ODESZA at Ranch Arena.

Day three, from the moment we woke up every single person was shouting NECTAR DAY! It truly is such a beautiful thing how an artist has the power to bring so many people together; especially at such a magical place as forest.  Nectar is a resident there and we can definitely see why. Over the course of the day we caught Ekali, AC Slater, Ganja White Night (who brought out Boogie T to shred on his guitar) Liquid Stranger, Illenium, and of course, closed out the night with Nectar.

Day 4, such a bittersweet feeling we had waking up that day, but it was also a day we had been looking forward to the very most. We have dreamed about experiencing a 12th Planet set at Forest for years.  That day we had rail all day we the most amazing Forest family group that we had camped with.  Minnesota into Ganja White Night, who once again brought out the wonderful Boogie T, and from them the moment we had been waiting for.  We have never experienced a set as wild as 12ths’.  He is a chop god, chopping plate after plate and VIP after VIP.  He is so clean with every single transition it almost seemed as if it was just 1 giant track all mashed together.  Every single person from the rail to the back was headbanging and doing all the riddim dances.  Once that set ended it felt like we floated off to Big Gigantic, who oddly enough was throwing down some filth when we arrived.

Obviously the music was incredible, but there was so much other amazing stuff to see there too. All throughout Forest there was tons of stuff keeping you aware of whats going on in the environment with the bees and other animals.  There were all sorts of awesome things to wander through like The Trading Post, or simply just hang up your hammock and kick back and soak up every vibe around you.  The food, WOW, the food was amazing.  If you didn’t try the stir fry noodles or one of the grilled cheese trucks you messed up; they were too tasty, our mouths are watering just thinking about it.  There were so many awesome booths too with art and merch and other random little things.  We made sure to check out the Okavark and Grassroots tents and cop some dope items; and new hat means new pins right?  We found a super awesome random tent in the main merch area, it was a little panda taking a dab. The forest at night was so magical too, you had to get lost in there many times.

The giving tree was probably one of our favorite things that Forest had. You could leave whatever and take whatever.  We made sure to leave some stuff there for a lovely soul to pick up; hopefully it helps them with whatever they are going through in life.

Honestly there are no words to truly describe all the beauty and things that we were blessed enough to be apart of at Forest. Typing this out right now has us tearing up; Electric Forest is the most beautiful and unreal festival. Coming back we feel a change within us, something unlike anything else.  We feel so full of happiness and life again; people have even said there’s a certain glow to us now.  Forest is life changing in the best way possible. We know one thing is for sure, we are never ever missing another one.  Rain or shine, you can absolutely catch us in the Forest every single year from here on out, wandering around barefoot, pashminas and all. Ugh, is it next year yet? Happy Forest everyone!