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UZ Shares Shocking News Along With The Release ‘Layers’ LP

Earlier this week, UZ came out with massive news. Upon the release of his debut album ‘Layers’, the trap icon unveiled more than just 12 new tracks.

The mysterious assailant has become a trap phenomenom over the years. Giving fans the ultimate mystique experience all while catering some of the most insane tunes we’ve heard this decade. Questions were asked along the years, “Who is UZ?”. After some time, the producer has come out to reveal his true identity.

The artist revealed himself as two-time DMC champ DJ Troubl. After five years, the DJ felt that it was time to stop hiding. 

“The anonymity was fun when I started it, but now I feel like there’s too many masked artists and it really has become more of a gimmick than a message,” P. says in an email interview. “Our motto at the time was to let the music speak by itself and not focus on the artist. It’s still true, but now that I’m a curator, and I’m working full-time on my label Quality Goods Records, I need to make myself heard, talk to people face to face, etc. Also, people need to know where I’ve come from and where I’m going – right here, right now. It’s just the beginning of a whole new journey for me, and I’m really excited about it.”

‘Layers’ was a very refreshing LP. Trap albums have seen the light of day, though many have not been able to stick around. UZ made sure to experiment to his best potential and we were gifted with timeless records. A perfect display of creativity blended with upbeat themes, the masked man hits his first studio album out of the park.

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