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(T)rapstyle – FLU : “Carte Blanche” feat. Has-Lo & Fashawn.

If you have not yet got any Flu in your life, it’s time to get exposed..

For years now, as an emcee and producer, Melbourne’s Flu (AKA Fluent Form) has put out a barrage of sonic treasures. His workload is stacked, diverse and both of it’s time yet timeless all at once. All mediocre influenza puns from above cast aside, it’s more timely than ever to get all up on Flu, the well rounded and well seasoned artist. It all started in April this year when Fuck This I’m Buying A Gun (FTIBAG) was released to coincide with World Record Store Day. A film and 12inch soundtrack combo written by and starring Flu and some of Melboune’s finest. It was released by Crate Cartel and CC White, limited physical copies sold out online in minutes. Not long after came hosting duties on The Reverend Glock’s ‘Step FM’ mixtape come art history sound document about early 90’s London pirate radio for CC White. He kicked off Aquanaut, Must Volkoff’s sophomore production album with the blistering “Dr Seuss”. Then again on another CC White release, jumping on Moodswing’s “Robert Johnson” with the UK’s Cappo. And finally, just under a month ago he’s blessed us with some international superstar shit, in “Carte Blanche” featuring Fashawn and Has-Lo.

There was never a doubt that Flu’s on another level, but this past financial quarter has cemented his status as one of the most prolific hip hop artists in this country, if not the world. His label mate and frequent co-conspirator, Phil Gektor, is also in this very exclusive category.

With the release of “Carte Blanche”, Flu is promising an entirely self produced album in DUST. If the aforementioned track is anything to go by, expect the type of shit you can roam the cold streets with jacket zipped, beanie on and earbuds in, both cut off from the world yet hyper aware of all surroundings. This is thinkers rap that smacks harder than anything lit, tight, fire or whatever else is in vogue. Without sounding like an old head (which I am fast becoming) or a trying-way-too-hard rap purist (which I’ve been guilty of), I cannot implore you enough to get into Flu’s catalogue. It’s focussed yet convoluted, it’s messy and fucking beautiful. He’s made guest appearances, produced entire albums for other artists and formed rap supergroups along with avant guard dynamic duos.

In the meantime though, appreciate “Carte Blanche” for what it is; a great winter tune, and pray to whomever you chose to pray to that DUST arrives sooner rather than later.

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