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YehMe2 wants you to Steal This Mixtape (2)!

Do you miss the glory days of 2012 when the new wave of Trap was sweeping the electronic music scene as an innovative and exciting new derivative of bass music, combining the aggressive electronic elements of Dubstep with the powerful 808 drums & basslines of deep southern Hip Hop?

Do you miss Flosstradamus, the godfathers and pioneers of the new Trap movement?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then I have some good news for you. Josh Young, one half of the iconic Flosstradamus; has released a new mixtape under his solo alias, YehMe2, titled Steal This Mixtape 2.



Posted by YehMe2 on Saturday, July 1, 2017


This new project contains almost 30 tracks sampling YehMe2’s influences across the entire musical spectrum, ranging from Hip Hop and R&B, to Tejano, and even Rock’n’Roll & Blues classics! Each track at its core is a fun, sample-filled banger with that ‘classic’ 2012 Trap vibe, which will no doubt bring much hype and joy to the festival crowds that will inevitably hear them.

Josh said that he wanted this mixtape “to play like my iTunes on shuffle, but if all the tracks were produced by me!”, and the project really captures that essence with its eclectic range of sounds.
With nearly 30 unique tracks, there’s something for everyone here but to get you started, some of my top picks include ‘Gimme Gimmie‘, ‘Both Rmxxx‘, ‘Blue Moon‘, and ‘Slow Down‘ (which seems to be left out of the playlist at the time this article was written).

Steal This Mixtape 2 is available for free download through Fool’s Gold.

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