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INF1N1TE and Konus Drop Amazing Remix of Pavlo’s “Thief”

Just a few days ago, INF1N1TE and Konus released their remix of Theif and they did an amazing job.

Pavlo originally released Thief a little over 7 months ago, and it was nothing like this reimagining. It was sort of hollow sounding, with less variations, and just shy of a club beat that an opener may play. Though the original from Pavlo could have had a lot more with done with it in my opinion, this remix does just that. INF1N1TE and Konus take the song, completely flip it and give it several more layers. The generic aspect of it is completely replaced by a textured and hard hitting bassline with a fast paced beat, and the original song is hardly recognizable as a headbanging drop takes over in full force. One can really appreciate how much each part of the song differentiates to make sure it doesn’t sound repetitive.

The best part of this song though is that it grabs you and makes you want to move. While writing this article, I had it playing in the background and couldn’t resist taking a minute to bounce around and headbang.

Here’s a link to the song on INF1N1TE’s Soundcloud, and he added a free download 😀