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Creating the Grand Design of “Where The Wild Things Are” by Illenium and Zeds Dead

And now for something completely different from Illenium and Zeds Dead, “Where the Wild Things Are” captures the turbulent nature of Zeds Dead right off the bat diving into the future sounds of Nick Miller (Illenium) creating one of the best collabs of the year. They have released it a bit early on Spotify as the song is actually being released today Monday July 24th wherever CDs aren’t sold. Normally, I would be reviewing this track’s killer growls and melodic synths, but I know you just read past this and just press play. Everyone will be playing this song deep into festival season and beyond.

No one deserves this collab more than Illenium. He has been slaying it across the country for many years and this tune proves he’s the real fucking deal, even if Ashes was one of the best collections of music in the last few years. If you are a huge fan of Illenium and you aren’t in the Illenials Facebook group you should be. ¬†Zeds Dead and Illenium will both be playing at the brand new Lost Lands Festival brought to us by the master headbanger himself, Excision. Do not miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and make it to this festival to maybe here these boys perform together! DC and Hooks released their Northern Lights remix album about a month out and there are a bunch of slayers in the new remix album. I’ve created a special playlist for our Zeds Dead and Illenium fans on our Spotify account. Log in to Spotify and search Trapstyle Records. Give us a follow and stay tuned for some new killer professionally curated playlists with your favorite artists from around the world!