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Boogie T. Crushes “Bass Invaders”

Last Friday Trinium Event‘s “Bass Invaders” hosted a stacked lineup including Boogie T, Shiverz B2B Obey, and Al Ross at the Candela Night Club in Niles, IL. I can easily say that it was one of the best riddim shows that I’ve been to in months.

I showed up a few minutes after doors opened at 9 o’clock, and the line was already so long I didn’t get inside until 9:30. I was really looking forward to seeing The Riddim Boyz because they totally stole the show when they opened for Megalodon‘s Jurassic Tour in May. Thankfully I caught the end of their set and was not disappointed. Siphonic walked on stage and the first thing I thought was how did that kid get in here. I saw him later and realized it was the lighting, but when I first saw him, he didn’t look a day above 15. His skills were impressive and he was really getting involved and scratching.

After Siphonic, a new table was brought out for MLOTIK and they just went off, I’d never seen two guys go so hard to their own music, it was great. I started wandering around during their set, the crowd wasn’t too packed so you could maneuver around, and as the night went on they opened up more space for people to sit or dance. I saw a ton of friends randomly as I walked around which made the night way better, bought some T-Shirts from Night Filth and pins from Sean at Festy Pins, and I was having an awesome time. Unfortunately, one of the friends I went with, got thrown up on by somebody, and it totally ruined her night. There was also some cocaine drama in the bathroom stalls and security got involved, kinda sucked being watched while going to the bathroom but hey it only takes one guy to ruin it. Be considerate at shows people!!!!

Boogie t
Photo Credit: Tanner Heitz Photography

I walked over to the side of the stage, saw the Riddim Boyz talked to them, and talked to GramGreene, went up on stage and started doing some photo/videography. Everyone was super chill, Al Ross was a total maniac and the hype man of the century. He and GramGreene did a great B2B and the crowd brought a pineapple which made that set even funnier. Al Ross tried to crowd surf and while the first attempt didn’t quite go so well, the crowd regathered and hoisted him up for a second attempt and he was up for a while.

The Butchers came out swinging. Shiverz and Obey were decked out in their bloody aprons and ready to throw down filth. Shiverz brought out a bottle of Hennessey and a set so heavy, the bottle vibrated off the table. It was a really good set until Boogie T. walked up on stage and every girl in the crowd lost it. He wasn’t even playing yet, he just walked up to rage with Shiverz and Obey. I knew Boogie was a cool guy but he was not what I expected, he danced around, took Snapchats with me, and never stopped having a ball.

About 10 minutes later, Boogie T. started his set and while it was more mellow than I had expected, but it still had a great flow. I was just used to the absolute filth beforehand, but he took a different approach and it was really great. Awesome set list. He played a lot of his own music and the crowd was really into it, as he alternated from wubs to hard riddim.

Boogie t
Photo Credit: Tanner Heitz Photography

The first Boogie T. song I had ever heard was “Open Up This Pit”, and I always wanted to hear it live, and of course he waited until almost the end to play it. Needless to say, though I wasn’t disappointed, the crowd went insane and the center became a huge mosh. At the end of the set, Boogie took a group picture with the crowd, and a girl ran up on stage to give him a kiss and then get removed by security. (I’m sure she regrets nothing)

After the show, Brian from the Riddim Boyz invited me back to their hotel for an after party, and majority of the lineup ended up being there. Everyone places DJ’s on a sort of pedestal, but at 5 o’clock in the morning when the sun is coming up, and everyone is still up being goofy, you learn that they’re just people, doing what they love by living life to the fullest.