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‘What You Know’ about Troyboi’s new single?

UK trap lord Troyboi has just released a new single titled “What You Know. An established artist in the bass scene, Troyboi has helped push trap music forward throughout the years with his unique style, but this track feels pretty left-field, even for him!

The first thing I noticed about this track was the ridiculously loud saw-wave synths that attacked me with murderous intent, and the lack of an overpowering 808 bassline that we’ve come to love and expect from all things trap.

Troyboi is no stranger to wild and aggressive synth stabs, but usually these are relegated to a ‘fill’ roll, rather than front, and center in the lead. Here in “What You Know this roaring saw lead is one of the driving forces behind the track, and while it may feel overly assaulting to the senses at first, it reminds me of the nostalgic, energetic feel of earlier (2011-ish) dubstep.

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I’m quite interested by the use of space in “What You Know”. Initially the track felt somewhat sparse in terms of instrumentation, and maybe even a little simple. However, the open dynamic of the track has allowed room for the other elements, including the vocal samples and drums to really shine in the mix. The drums in particular are super crisp and punchy, and the mix overall is a perfect demonstration of a ‘less is more’ approach in an age of SUPER LOUD ear-rape mix downs.

Troyboi is close to releasing his new album Left is Right and has announced his new tour of the same name coming to a city near youTroyboi continues to impress with his new single, “What You Know”, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear this one in the pit.

Stream “What You Know down below:

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