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Genius Sound Temple

Genius Sound Temple Needs Your Help Funding Their Stage at Oregon Eclipse 2017

Are you an audiophile looking for the most in depth ways to experience sound to the maximum potential? Have you heard of sound healing? The Genius Sound Temple is a breathtaking idea that is coming to life piece by piece, but they need your help to bring it to life. It is designed for the Oregon Eclipse 2017, featuring sound healers from across the country on their stage. The main focus of this project is bringing awareness to the power of sound healing to create safe spaces at festivals. We have gotten in contact with Benjamin McGrand, the Marketing Lead for this project, who has provided us with every reason to support this project, as well as a brief video emphasizing the dedication and passion put into this.

The visionary for this festival is Jamesun Hubbs creator of Genius Drums which are steel tongue drums based on an Ecuadorian drum Jamesun saw when he visited the Ecuadorian Amazon. They are putting together this stage with their awesome build team, including Dylan Glick of Noise Revolt. He has built stages at well known festivals including Lightning In A Bottle, Boogaloo, and Lucidity.

There are several factors that make this stage unique. The stage will conduct the sound vibrations and those who experience will feel the sound moving through every bone of their body. There will be Hydro Hammocks present courtesy of Hydro Hammocks. The Genius Sound Temple Team had this to say:

“We’re looking to raise $11,111 to pay our staff per diem, extra materials, and cover extra advertising expenses. We are doing this through a crowdfunding campaign called #Attune2Love which we’d love your support for. It’s based around sound healers promoting harm reduction at festivals through posting their sound healing videos and photos with the hashtag #Attune2Love.”

Check out the promo video, the full description of the stage, and the links to help fund this incredible project below.

Below is straight from the Proposal they sent to Oregon Eclipse:

“The Floating Sound Temple is a space of sanctuary, interactive musical expression, and literal sound baths. With a 45’ x 45’ “fin-print” (since it’s in the water), this environment will be able to hold space for 100 people on board and 120 people seated in partially submerged hammocks and seats in the lake. It’ll be accessible day and night by a floating pedestrian bridge that connects this structure to land 80 feet away. This project is being specifically created for Oregon Eclipse.

There will be hang drum-like instruments floating in the lake that sonically resonate throughout the water, as well as instruments like dulcimers/wind harps/chimes/ocarinas/bells suspended throughout the structure. Everything will be in tune with each other— creating an ambient soundscape throughout the environment— and all of the instruments are designed for anyone to play great music in sync with everyone else regardless of musical experience.

This will also serve as a workshop space and is able to house ~90 people seated on board and ~60 people engaged in movement. It will also feature a tea lounge during the afternoon/evening and a popup healing sanctuary with bodyworkers/energy healers in the morning.

The Floating Sound Temple will be able to give sound healers a space to hold literal sound baths (as there will seats/hammocks for 120 people in the water), with an elevated stage protected from the water and PA system that’s able to project throughout the submerged areas around the structure. At night, the space will also host some singer/songwriter open mics and performances.

The Floating Temple will securely float and not capsize, regardless of how many people go aboard. The (40) 55 gallon water barrels will carry up to 22,000 lbs of weight, which will easily accommodate the 1000 lbs of materials and max load of 110 people tightly squeezed aboard the structure and 120 people in partially submerged hammocks/seats attached to the structure in the lake.

The structure will be secured in its location via anchors and ropes attached to rebar stakes on the shore, and the configuration of weight and water barrel placement is designed to prevent any chance of capsizing. Lifeguard rings and fire extinguishers will be in the structure in case of emergency. There will always be one member of the crew that’s trained in first aid on the structure during swimming hours in case of emergency. Lights will also be illuminating the water around the structure for added security for nighttime swimmers, and there will be rope guards on the bridge to prevent folks from tripping into the lake.

Speakers, electrical cables, lights, and the power system will be placed in elevated and waterproof locations away from any potential water hazard.

There will be a small PA system setup in an elevated location in addition to LED pulsating strip/floodlights throughout the structure. The total power draw will be ~6000 watt hours a day. For now, we’re planning to use a Honda 2000i generator on the roof of the structure (away from any possible water hazard and safely secured) in addition to a couple deep cycle batteries (in waterproof storage below the stage) to power lights throughout the night. We’re looking into using a solar system instead of the generator, but it will take more time to finalize the details of this.”

Genius Sound Temple

Jamesun’s Personal Reasons for the Stage Follow:

“Symbiosis 2015 forever changed my perspective on the power of collaboration. I heard ‘best festival ever’ more times than I can count- especially among the builders/artists. In my opinion, the international demographic that was involved in SG15 is one of the reasons why such a brilliant production took place that was so impactful for the people there.

With Oregon Eclipse, I’ve simply honored that our West Coast community has the privilege to host this kind of international collaboration. Creating the Floating Sound Temple is my form of contribution towards this magic being made.

With the Floating Sound Temple, we intend to create a community space that combines the sanctuary of a temple, impulsive fun from interactive art, and the sheer epicness from being in the middle of a lake into one structure. While there are bound to be similar floating projects being proposed, we believe this space stands out because of the interactive forms of expression that it offers to the Oregon Eclipse community.”

-Jamesun Hubbs, project lead.

To support this amazing endeavor, check out the link on their gofundme campaign here which has already raised over $1,600 in 10 days, also trending on the site. This is not quite near their goal yet, but proof of the fair amount of interest in a project in this sort, and how serious these innovators are.