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‘CRUDE BOYS’ HEKLER And G-REX Bring The Heat With New Collab

Producer powerhouse HEKLER is in our sights for the fourth time this year. This time he’s in collaboration with rising bass machine G-REX to deliver their massive new tune ‘CRUDE BOYS‘. Followers of their work will know to expect mind bending and chaotic sound design that takes listeners to new worlds. This new addition to their respective discographies is no exception to that rule as you’ll find in this intense experience.

The track begins with emotional and uplifting chords underscored by ominous water droplets; a dark foreshadowing of what is to come. Brass layered bass roars to signal that the unease was justly felt as another crash brings the listener panic… “YOU’RE IN DANGER!” As a result of the alarming announcement, the drop brings a chaotic and dark bassline changing in intensity throughout. The listener is given a few seconds of reprieve before being thrown into a second and equally intense half-time drop. These artists flex their sound design muscles by layering a unique twangy synth and creepy baby coos with heavily distorted 808s that carry the wonky beat forward. More than anything, this change up exhibits why these two are making huge waves in the trap community. Concluding the song with more water droplets and data-bent ringing, the CRUDE BOYS leave their mark.

In summary, this song truly stands apart with their emotional intro juxtaposing the insanity of the drops. Stuttering bass design leaves the listener trying to comprehend what is assaulting their prefrontal cortex, before being pummeled by a dramatic change up that keeps you guessing. Following traditional HEKLER fashion, this journey comes to a crescendo and ends as fast as it begins leading the listener to find themselves hitting replay for another trip down the rabbit hole. Don’t sleep on these young giants as they definitely have more enigmatic visions in store for the world.

Listen to ‘CRUDE BOYS’ below:

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