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WATCH: SNOE Releases Music Video for ‘New Generation’

SNOE, a bedroom hip-hop artist from France, has just released a music video for his new single ‘New Generation.’ But who really is SNOE? According to his general manager, he’s a young rapper who tries to create a universe you don’t see all the time in hip-hop. He released his first project when he was fourteen years old, and much of his inspiration and motivation comes from spending time living in New York City. Stylistically, his music is part of a growing niche in France where many of the rappers are increasingly influenced by the conventions of hip-hop/trap artists from the United States. For example, some rappers have been including English lyrics or verses in their songs. One of SNOE’s unreleased tracks (rumored to be his next single with a music video coming up in two weeks) shares this inspiration of New York rap, mixing smooth French verses with catchy English hooks.

SNOE will be releasing his mixtape at the end of the month, and there will be a new music video coming out every two weeks. While he has room to grow as every artist does, he shows impressive potential with his lyrics and content and can certainly hold his own in the hip-hop game. His previous releases are available for streaming and free download on Soundcloud. The music video is directed by Vitaliy D. and Luther and is available to watch below:


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