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Crawling straight into hearts, Illenium releases ‘Crawl Outta Love’

The first time I heard this beauty was in the Ashes to Ashes Mix.03 that Nick released after Electric Forest this year. Along with a remix of ‘”The Adventure” by Angels & Airwaves. This somber at times, heartfelt journey, of a mix is just the right remedy for anyone going through a rough time in their life. It will strut every one of your little heart cords in just the right way. Now weeks ahead of the release of Awake, Nick is back with his completed version of this soulful ballad.

‘Crawl Outta Love’  as the name might suggests is no casual song about love. Dealing with the complicated side of it, easy come but hard to let go is the theme of this one. Even when we see the sky go dark, and the signs become clearly evident, this shit is going to hurt, we can find ourselves still getting sucked in to a toxic relationship. While trying to “crawl outta love” though, right when we get half way up, somehow we get pulled right back down by the cunning words of our significant others. With her angelic vocals Annika Wells does a stupendous job conveying the feeling of gullibility we get as we realize the mess we have gotten oursleves into. Crawl Outta love Is out, but its just one 13 songs on Nick’s upcoming album Awake slated to release on September 21st.

If you are not part of Illenials get on it! Nick has an incredibly loyal and devoted following. The community is great, super supportive and even creative. Stick around long enough and you will see people putting up all types of interesting handcrafted trinkets.

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