It is so humbling getting the chance to learn more about artists we love, especially when they come from one of our favorite labels.  That is exactly the feeling we had when we got the opportunity to interview Haywyre from Monstercat. Martin Vogt, or as fans know him, Haywyre has such a beautiful and unique sound.  His music has a jazz infused electronic feel, which shows how talented this young individual really is with what he creates.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Haywyre like we did.

What got you into the scene?

Electronic music was the most logical direction for a one-man-band. I always enjoyed having full control over the work I’m creating and publishing.

First artists you listened to or saw live?

One of my earliest memories of buying and listening to music was Justin Timberlake’s “Justified” album. In terms of live shows, my parents took me to a lot of different performances at an early age.. Orchestras, Operas, Bands, you name it.

What made you produce the music you do?

There was no conscious effort to specifically create what I’m going to create; naturally, my experiences sculpted my interests, which influenced what I have, and still make.

Favorite place you’ve played?

I have many favorites, but the most memorable may have been playing at Spectrum Festival in South Korea.

What’s it like playing Forest?

Electric Forest is always a top contender for the best North American music festival in my eyes. This year, I remember performing on the Tripolee stage, my entire setup drenched from rain, my fingers sliding across the keys and the entire crowd jamming with me. That was one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had recently.

Favorite set you’ve seen at Forest?

I haven’t seen all too many, but one of my favorites was Big Wild.

Dream collab/favorite collab?

A collaboration with Jacob Collier.

Do you have any projects in the works?

I’m working on an excessive amount of new music, performance videos and all sorts of other exciting stuff!

When you aren’t producing what do you like to do?

Indulging in any creatively stimulating activities (shows, exhibitions, reading, jamming with friends, watching movies, etc).

Any advice to people trying to make it in the industry (not necessarily just producers)?

I don’t think people should be in the world of the arts unless they are pioneering their creative vision, or supporting someone else. As an artist, in a certain sense, its as simple as just being comfortable in your own skin. Pursue your interests, expand your knowledge, be yourself and create. As an artist supporter, you do what you can to help your artist do the aforementioned. Making it, in either scenario, should just be a bonus. If you’re in the industry for fame or money, I would argue you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

A big thank you to Martin for this interview with Trapstyle. For more tunes by Haywyre head to his SoundCloud page.