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SVCRED Is The New Clothing Brand Electronic Music Needed

There is a sea of unimaginative clothing brands in the EDM atmosphere. SVCRED shines through the clutter with a unique take on electronic music street-wear. Championing a bold, unique, and authentic take on apparel. SVCRED has created a new path appealing to people of all backgrounds in all corners of the globe.

SVCRED music & lifestyle video

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Posted by Svcred on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

” SVCRED embraces the gritty, the raw, & the authentic. “


Incorporating a creative unisex model, promoting personality over physicality, ultimately shows the good intentions of this brand. These traits tie extremely well with the free and nurturing nature of the electronic music scene. Embracing self-expression and unique personality traits are clearly instilled in the roots of this brand and that’s what makes them so great.



They are currently raising money via a Kickstarter account, and they are hosting really amazing deals on the new line through a money pledge. This forward thinking clothing brand is looking to be a staple in festivals and clubs alike. Support this amazing company by getting in on the ground floor. 


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