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Rawtek Releases Debut EP ‘Tropic Graffiti” on Yellow Claw’s ‘Barong Family”

Barong Family is one of our most loved labels that we have been wanting to work with for some time now. They’ve been releasing the freshest and best dance tracks the past year and it’s truly an honor for us to release our debut EP with them.’ – Rawtek

As their name implies, Los Angeles-based duo Rawtek unite organic, percussive styles from around the world and a heavy, state of the art electronic approach to music producing. Perhaps more so than ever, this soundclash plays out on their new Tropic Graffiti EP, which takes in sounds from Rio to London to New Orleans.

Tropic Graffiti EP is Levi Jackson and Daniel Medina’s debut release on Barong Family, after having collaborated on Victor Niglio’s ‘Lionmane’ for the label two years ago. Each track here is a collaboration with another artist, each adding their flavor to Rawtek’s fusion sounds. ‘Beleza’ takes on Brazil’s baile funk rhythms, with France’s Herve Pagez joining Rawtek in cooking up a frantic outsider approach. The carioca vibe continues into ‘Muzzle’, before the track quickly morphs into a booty-shaking dubstep bounce, the result of a cross-Atlantic collab with Danish trio Nonsens. The sound of New Orleans is even more present in ‘Rock High’, courtesy of NOLA MC Keno rocking an ultra-percussive monster created with fellow Barong Family member Juyen Sebulba. For ‘Tacos in LA’, Danish producer Stoltenhoff, another Barong alumnus, sent Levi and Daniel a classic breakdown melody, to which the duo added a series of huge drops for maximum impact.

You can catch Rawtek’s first live show at Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland on Friday September 15th and Escape on Saturday October 28th!

Check out the full EP here:

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