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Laces Makes Debut Fresh New With Track “Close”

A name we have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more of in the near future is Laces.  He only has 1 track out currently and just recently debuted it.  The track called “Close”, features the sweet voice of an artist by the name of Brae.  “Close” is a feel good, groovy song with electric riffs and funky beats throughout.  The vocals are super catchy and will have you singing along while you get diggity down.

We had to hit replay more times than we’d like to admit already on “Close”, but it’s just so good! It puts such a smile on our face dancing around to those smooth, sweet sounds.  Whoever Laces is, we promise this is someone you are definitely going to want to keep an ear out for. Stream “Close” below and grab yourself a copy from any online music store.

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