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Parisian Powerhouse Tchami Releases Praise Worthy Revelations EP On Confessions

The leader of the future house phenomenon has just released his biggest EP to date. The Revelations EP is a diverse collection of heavy hitting music, all incorporating the signature Tchami style that has made him into the leader he is today. Released on his independent Confessions label, where he promotes artists such as Brohug, Mercer, Malaa, Dombresky, and much more. He solidifies his intentions to create a driving force in the electronic music scene, creating a community around himself and his label.

The first track World To Me is a lovely tropical inspired tune, with soft synths and catchy plucks that draw you in instantly. This track features vocals from two-time grammy award winning vocalist Luke James. He delivers an inspiring and emotional touch to this already spectacular composition.

Stream the music video here.


Continuing forward he includes a few must haves for your crate. Including a club dominator entitled Godspell with UK Bass powerhouse Taiki Nulight, and the very groove oriented Don’t Let Me Down that boasts a very catchy vocal section. He proceeds with a lighter tune entitled Zeal, a pure vibe track. Ends the EP off with the two part Audieu, creating an amazing atmosphere surround the signature vocal hook. The first part is a club favorite, second winds us down from the whirlwind that is the Revalations EP.

Tchami tackles every emotion in this EP, make sure to stream below and grab it for your library here.

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