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Deadenders Take You on a Journey with ‘Aether’

Meet Deadenders, a new LA bass duo who sound anything but what their name suggests.

This group may only have been visible for a couple months, but their first two releases would make you think they’ve been lurking in the industry for much longer. Pulling in 17k soundcloud streams on these tracks, these “two guys having a good time” have hit the ground running in quite an impressive way. Creative high energy sound design, clean and crisp mixes, and an attention to flow really set Deadenders apart from the early days of most projects. They not only demand your attention, they earn it. This is why we had to grab their new tune ‘Aether’ as our next release on TrapStyle Records.

Their newest audio experience ‘Aether’ ups the bar once again.

With ‘Aether’, Deadenders takes you on a journey from the very first note. Infectious warm vibes and a wide atmosphere seem to call out from a distant land and immediately pull you in. An assortment of clean and punchy drums set the stage for the impending behemoth of a drop that looms ahead. Snapping you out of your trance, Deadenders calls with the warchant: “Everybody get your hands up!” and in this case it is a worthy signal for the madness that ensues.

The tension is perfectly held as a clean and effective build rises out of the ashes of the atmospheric vibes. Right at the top you are given but a second to catch your breath before a banger is born. Crunchy bass, crisp drums, and creative sound design are thrown at you from all directions in what should sound like a chaotic flurry of noise. Instead this complex progression of varied texture and contrast becomes a hyped up heater with a nice smooth aftertaste. You can tell each sound these two have put into ‘Aether’ has been painstakingly curated, mixed, tuned, and placed for maximum effect and that clarity is really what makes the complexity of the drop, and the track overall, shine. The energy of this first drop is masterfully and gradually shifted away from into another atmospheric bliss. This euphoria though is short lived, as you are immediately pulled back into another high energy drop. Perfectly suited for blasting with friends on the ride to your next festival or playing out at your next gig, this track will have you drifting and bouncing for weeks to come.

We are pleased to share these talented guys with you and look forward to the strides they are bound to make from here.

You can hear the full track here via TrapStyle Records:

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