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EDC 2018 Update: New Dates, New Stages and More

Earlier today EDC Las Vegas released a brief update on their website . The most notable and important update is the date change. EDC in 2018 will be in May (18-20) instead of June. The decision to move the festival a month earlier was because of the cooler temperatures in May. This means the hours of the festival can be extended. EDC will also be introducing an opening ceremony for each day on the cosmicMEADOW lawn. Every day an artist will be giving an extended set as the sun goes down before the festival begins. The most exciting news, however, is that for the very first time camping will be available at EDC! Tents, RV’s, sound campsand more will all be allowed. Check out the official announcement video below. For the full details follow the link to EDC Las Vegas’ official site beneath the video.


EDC Las Vegas Official Site