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Girls on boys

Girls on Boys, The Newest Release From Galantis Ft. ROZES

Written by: Thomas Williams

Well known producer duo Galantis, has teamed up with ROZES to release a new single titled “Girls on Boys.” Known for their singles like “Runaway (U & I)” and “No Money,” Galantis has recently been releasing songs from their upcoming album The Aviary, which was announced back in early July.

In their new song, Galantis decided to change their usual music style from progressive house to what seems like a mixture between chill-out and tropical house. As the track begins, the song starts out rather slow, especially for their songwriting style. However, as the song moves forward the notes begin to get closer together, leading to a very in-depth hook that connects the synths to ROZES’ vocals. The hook then leads into a trap styled drop, one that seems to be an experiment that ties their recent singles together. Continuing after the drop is a second unique verse, a style that is unusual for the duo as most of Galantis’ songs revolve around having only a single verse and a hook repeated twice, the only difference being the pitch between the first and second verse. Collaborating with ROZES, however, they changed their usual writing habits to be a more traditionally organized track, having two separate verses along with a hook, as many current pop songs have today. From there on, the hook is then repeated and ends with only ROZES’ acapella present when the song fades out.


“Girls on Boys” represents a new direction that Galantis is heading in, one that is focused more on experimenting with new sounds and genres instead of staying in one specific category. The style of songwriting for their recent single is one that the duo haven’t had the chance to show until now, which in time took many turns and forced them to try new ideas that they have never attempted before.

Galantis’ second studio album The Aviary drops on September 15th and is available for pre-order on their website.