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Ookay and Fox Stevenson Have Made Magic With Latest Collab, Lighthouse

Monstercat stays slaying the music scene, with incredible releases coming out right and left this year, as well as their collaboration with the popular video game, Rocket League.  They have a wide variety of artists putting out all sorts of different tracks; keeping us big fans of everything that they do.

Their latest release, is a collaboration from Ookay and Fox Stevenson  From the very first second the track started, we fell in love.  This is such a feel good piece, and so well crafted; the two have made magic together with Lighthouse.  The lyrics are super cute and catchy; making us feel some type of way.  Ookay is super verstile when it comes to his music and we love when he creates feel good tracks like Lighthouse.  Fox Stevenson is incredibly verstile with his production too, with some tracks that make you want to headbang, some that make you want to shuffle, and others that make you want to feel.  These two make an awesome pair; especially when they both make  a feel good track.

That’s one of the most magical things about music, that just a few words and a beautiful beat can put you in the best mood ever and truly make you dive into your emotions.  Lighthouse is a track we have a feeling will be getting dropped at a lot of festivals the rest of the year; it would be perfect to get dropped at a New Years event..cough cough.

Once again, huge shout out to Monterscat for putting out yet another incredible track.  Ookay and Fox Stevenson make the absolute perfect pair; hopefully we can hear more from the two in the future.  Also, Vol. 2 of Uncaged is available now!

Stream Lighthouse below:

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