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Ray Volpe Releases Incredible ‘Reality’ EP

A month ago Ray Volpe released the title track of his ‘Reality’ EP which bares the same name, Reality, on Soundcloud. To further build the anticipation he gave us another taste of the project with “Hunt Me Down” released just under a week ago and now as promised the full EP is available for listening.

Two new tracks fill out the remainder of the 4 track EP.  “Waiting” and “Mind Games” both begin with dreamy, atmospheric, anthem like vocals that whisk you away, only for their drops to pull you crashing down. This instant vibe change is thematic throughout the EP. The drop in “Waiting” catches you off guard with low vocal like growls that evolve as the track progress’s. Don’t let the airy intros fool you, both tracks are for the headbangers and have the classic dub-step kick/snare combo that we all know and have grown to love. My favorite track off the EP is “Mind Games” the melodic intro and vocals showcase his song writing talent. The drops combination of amped up squelches and squeals are squeezed together just right and the rhythmic outro brings the well written song to a humble close.

Ray Volpe has been consistent in the quality of his releases this year and this EP will not disappoint. The EP is available for streaming on Spotify and on SoundCloud below.

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