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Feel Good With Latest Remix From Toothpick

Gryffin and Illenium made absolute magic when they came together to create “Feel Good;” especially with the beautiful vocals from Daya. The lyrics and melody made for the perfect song to fall in love to; making us feel some type of way.  There have been a lot of remixes already for the track; and the latest one we’ve found is definitely up there in our favorites.  Salt Lake City producer, Kory Whitehead (Toothpick)  has put a beautiful spin on “Feel Good,” slowing down the track for an even more emotional rollercoaster.

We highly recommend you check out the rest of his soundcloud; there is all sorts of tracks for every feel.  Kory is definitely versatile with his sounds; creating melodic tracks, dubstep, and electro house.  We always appreciate finding new music from such talented producers.   But first, make sure you head over to Toothpick’s soundcloud and enjoy the FREE download of his remix to “Feel Good.”  That’s something to feel good about don’t you think?

From the very beginning of this remix we knew it was something special; this twist on a track from one of our favorite producers is one we highly recommend you all give a listen to.

Stream “Feel Good” (Toothpick Remix) below:

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