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Eternally in your heart, ODESZA gives us ‘A Moment Apart’

After hitting the scene in 2012 with their debut album Summer’s Gone, Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills have been a dominating force in the Indie Electronica part of the EDM world. What at first started with a collection of songs on SoundCloud quickly paved the way for their 2014 smash hit, In Return.

In Return was a critically acclaimed hit and gathered a cult following for the duo. Since their last album, however, the duo has released EPs like MY Friends Never Die,” and “Light” and set up a platform Foreign Family Collective. The FFC has done tremendous work to give both visual artists musicians more exposure through one-off singles. The FFC family currently includes artists like Jai Wolf, Big Wild, and Rufus Du SolJai Wolf's Drive from FFC

If you thought In Return was good, then A Moment Apart is going to blow your mind. A Moment Apart provides a more polished version of anything that ODESZA has brought out so far. You will get a lot of variation in the percussion and base in this album, but also a sense of maturation symbolic of the duo musical evolution. The album still keeps true to their synth-pop electronic formula/style, but somehow, ODESZA has managed to maintain a fresh feel of their songs with this one.

There are 16 tracks in the album with artists like Naomi Wild, Kelsey Bulkin, and Leon Bridges, among others. The vocalists have done an outstanding job, and they get a lot of the limelight on this huge masterpiece. Each song will surprise you with its sheer creativity and intensity of emotion. ODESZA has done some fantastic work with pitch-shifted vocals on the songs. The addictive “Everything at Your Feet” featuring The Chamanas will set your mood for the album. Though soft on the base “Corners of the Earth” takes the album to whole new heights with the beautiful vocals of RY X. Out of all the songs on the album Boy” has got to be the catchiest song. Other notable tracks are “Line of Sight,” “Divide,” “La Cludad,” and of course “Higher Ground.” It goes without saying ODESZA has outdone themselves with this record. Whatever your expectations were from the duo after In Return, you will be glad to know that they have exceeded them in every way with A Moment Apart.

ODESZA goes on tour starting September 29th beginning in London and Ending in Fremantle, Australia on February 11th. To get your tickets click the link here.


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