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Justice Gives You Pleasure With A Risque Video Of Their Latest Single

Justice has been a strong inspiration to the electronic music scene since they released their Cross album in mid-2007. Ultimately sparking the Blog House phenomenon which birthed many eccentric artists such including The Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, MSTRKFT, and more.

Justice’s live performances have been hailed as some of the most exciting and creative of our time. Their latest incarnation dubbed “The Church” features groundbreaking production, animated LEDs, alongside an all-encompassing visual experience. Combing old material we love while introducing us to new instant classics. Justice proves their legend status by providing an allusive live show unique to them that is the highlight for festivals around the world.

This duo has been somewhat of an allusive father to the electronic music scene. Only performing and doing press around the time of a new album, roughly every 4-5 years. They have a unique eye for detail, sticking to what they like and making it the best they possibly can throughout their downtime. This fact is proven in their latest album Woman and their latest single “Pleasure.”

Today we get to share a live edit of “Pleasure” alongside a visually striking music video. This live edit is a fresh take on the already fantastic album version. The music video is directed by Alexandre Courtès, the man behind the music video for Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, and the designer behind Daft Punk’s helmets. This piece provokes emotion and intrigue, draws you in instantly and reminds you of the greatness of Justice.   

Thanks for sticking around Justice. We need you.