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Strix Releases Monumental EP Through BroTown Records

STR!X Iridium EP Art

STR!X is an artist with an arsenal full of raw bangers and heavy metallic stompers, crafted to bring nothing but heat to the dance floor. He has proven time and time again to be capable of packing a punch with each and every release. Based out of the city of angels, this solo producer is absolutely piping hot and ready for a break through with the release of his Iridium EP out on BroTown Records.

Packed full of energy, original sound design, and dark vibes, each track on this EP is sculpted for lovers of all things heavy. Boasting huge soundscapes and massive percussion this 5 track record is a marvel of sonic destruction. The EP features collabs with swamp overlord Boogie T, death machine HEHVY, as well as the michievious Boarcrock; all of which are blazing hot tunes. “Fake Hands” with the eclectic Boogie T is a soulful take on dubstep intros with a swift turn of events that lead into a chaotic storm of tweaked out hits. My personal favorite and recommended track off the ep would have to be “Alloy” as Strix was somehow able to create a blend of wet and metallic sounds perfectly to form a unique counterbalance of frequencies.

The Iridium Ep is a must have for any bass head as it takes dubstep is a slightly different direction. It is currently sitting at #3 in the BeatPort Top 10 Dubstep Releases as of writing this and you can grab yourself a copy HERE. With an array of voracious tunes behind him, STR!X is set to take flight through the bass music scene.

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