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Troyboi Opens Up About Left Is Right Tour In Exclusive Interview

Troyboi releasing his debut album was monumental for many people. His fans, the music scene, his team, and himself included. I was invited to get a full behind the scenes on what his headlining tour is about and what stunts the London native pulled for this show. In doing so, I had the complete honor of sitting down with the mastermind and interviewing him about all things Left Is Right.

Where did you receive inspiration for the concept of Left Is Right? 

“Left Is Right really stands for creating your own lane, i guess going against odds. A lot of people take conventional routes to get to where they want and a lot of people dip in quality to get to the end. For me I always felt that I wanted to stay in my own lane and do what feels right, for what i’m known for.” – Troyboi

Heading into the creative process, what did you want to achieve with this album? 

“I really wanted this album to allow people understand my sound and show them what I can do as a producer. I wanted people to see that I can do a lot more than just trap music. I come from a lot of musical backgrounds and this album was my chance to show it.” – Troyboi

Out of the 20 track project, which track or tracks came out to be your favorites?

“There’s so many favorites: B.I.A, Flames, Wavey was one of my personal favorites because of where I was at that time and that song wavey is literally a musical portrait of what I could see. 7pm in Miami in front of a beautiful Sunset, that was my view at the time.” – Troyboi

Rolling out an interesting list of features, how did these come about? 

“I wanted to keep it true to who i’ve been working with for example Nefera and Y.a.s i’ve done tracks with both of them beforehand and you know since fans like both tracks individually why not get them both on a song. Ice Kream is my homie, that’s my brother, Soundslobs forever. I didn’t want to plaster my album with huge features, I wanted to make it about the beats instead of who I had on the album. Ice Cube, I had access to one of his vocals and I just made a track around it, sent it to his people, and got the ok.” – Troyboi

Following up with the monumental album comes the massive headlining tour. Now that it’s all come to fruition, describe what it means to you? 

“This is everything to me. For me to be able to come out here and play all original music, tell a story through audio and visual is an absolute dream come true. Djs come out here and play other peoples music but the true feeling is being able to perform solely your own music to your own fans is an ultimate blessing. I’ve got so much more in my head but for now this is insane” – Troyboi

Its apparent that you’ve put in a lot of effort to the show from setlisting, to stage design, to visuals. How did you go about translating the music to a performance?

“What’s great is that the people on board with me all love music. So whenever we collaborate they’re always ready to contribute with ideas. For example, the dancers, they wanted to show me what they could do and I loved it immediately. I’m quite lucky with the team i’ve got around me” – Troyboi

From a young beat maker in South East London to Headlining a North American tour, describe the journey your music has taken you? 

“It’s full of ups and downs, more ups than downs obviously it’s been a huge learning experience for me. It’s extremely exciting because everyday you don’t know what’s gonna happen or what news will come out of the day. Considering where I came from it’s mindblowing, it’s taken a lot of hard work. Back then my days would be 9am in the studio till 11 all day. I’d upload on soundcloud a couple of times a week that was my goal, to think about how putting music on soundcloud organically has turned into this is insane” – Troyboi

Now that you’ve collaborated with high profile artists, are there any musicians you dream of working for?

“I think everyone has guys that they’d dream of working with, I guess for the books it’d be Pharrell Williams. That’s always been a dream for me, I grew up listening to him.”

Meeting Troy and his team was an absolute honor, after catching his set later that night I was completely blown away to see it all put together in action. His live show completely blew the roof off the place and I heavily recommend you catch him on his Left Is Right Tour!

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