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Get Lost In Illenium’s New Album, Awake

If you are in need of some saving, Illenium’s new album, Awake, is exactly what you need. After eagerly awaiting another album since Ashes, this is exactly what fans have been waiting for. From start to finish the album was absolutely magical, we’ve honestly listened to like four times already.  Nick Miller has absolutely outdone himself with Awake; reaching so many different emotions throughout each and every single track on the album and creating music that takes you higher.

There are even some songs fans will be familiar with already like “Fractures,” “Feel Good,” “Crawl Outta Love,” and his latest release, as well as one of the most awaited tracks on the album, “Leaving” featuring EDEN.  Nick is an absolute wizard with this music; mastering melodic and future bass sounds.  Awake shows yet again all the different things he can do with the genres, creating haunting and beautiful tracks; and making you feel good.

It is really hard to sit down and pick a favorite song off of Awake, each song is really special in its own way; and each track fits a different emotion.  “Lost” featuring Emilie Brandt and “Beautiful Creatures” featuring Max, are tracks we definitely recommend everyone checking out.  The lyrics in both tracks are something lots of us can relate to, and listening really made us feel better.  We all have things within us that we hide, but Illenium reminds us that we’re only human and stronger than we know.

“Let You Go” with Ember Island was another one that gave us goosebumps.  Those chilling vocals mixed in with the piano and that Illenium sound go together perfectly. “Where’d You Go” with Said The Sky has an almost Porter vibe to it.  Within the first few seconds of the track starting it drops right into a whirlwind of feels.  Each and every single track on Awake are all amazing in their own way, once again, we are so impressed with Nick and everything he is continuing to do.  Fans have been non stop tweeting great things about the album and giving him tons of love and support.

Make sure to catch him on his Awake tour, as well as Imagine, Lost Lands and Escape.
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