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Leotrix x Jack Slade - Jers

PREMIERE: Leotrix x Jack Slade – Jers

Leotrix and Jack Slade are two young guns out of Sydney and Adelaide respectively that are definitely starting to build a name for themselves. Leotrix, having just turned 18 is starting to take Sydney by storm, with booking after booking seemingly just flying in. Jack Slade, at just 17 has gained some prominence on SoundCloud over the last year, getting noticed by the likes of Enschway and LUUDE, and even getting some love from Alison Wonderland.

This track, Jers, is something a little bit different from what we’re used to from both of the boys, initially channelling some housey vibes on this one and coming out with a fun little jam of a track. The second drop switches it all up a lil bit, and trust me it bangs.

We caught up with Leotrix and Jack Slade ahead of the release of this one, to get a little insight into how it all came together.

TS: So it seems like it’s been a whirlwind few months for you since your Arrowhead EP dropped back in July and then you turned 18 just recently and it’s seemed like it’s been all systems go since then.
Your first few shows look like they’ve been wild, what’s been the highlight so far?

Leotrix: The highlights have been the return shows at both The Wall and Starfvckers which both feel like my 2nd homes for me, particularly The Wall. Another highlight was when I was recently playing at this event in Newtown called Tokyo Sing Song. I didn’t know what to expect and I ended up playing to a packed out crowd with their hands up in the air. It felt so good to be a part of that energy.

TS: Now going back to Arrowhead, Memorise with Ezra James really took off, even scoring plays on Triple J, how’d that collab come together?

Leotrix: The collab was originally this neat lil track I wrote that included elements of my guitar and synths. For me, it was a really personal track and I felt the emotion I put into it, Ezra ended up reflecting that back with his vocals.

TS: Now this track, Jers, with Jack Slade is a bit of a different sound to what we’re used to hearing from you. Is this a new direction for your music?

Leotrix: It’s less a new direction but more so, an example of how both Jack and I can create whatever we aspire to create. I want to keep things fun, exciting and creative always. Jack and I both really share a similar vision on this and I think that’s something special.

TS: How’d you and Jack link up for this one, you guys seem to be pretty tight mates, has it been something that’s been in the works for a while.

Leotrix: We started this track back late last year, not long after I had met him online. It started when Jack was doing a jersey club/house remix of a tune. I thought the idea he came up with was so dope and I envisioned a way to add to the track. Very quickly, we had an original track slowly building piece by piece.

TS: Judging by your Facebook it looks like you’ve got something new in the works with Ezra, as well as some stuff with Blanke, anything you can tell us about what the future holds?

Leotrix: Definitely some new tunes with Ezra and Blanke in the works. I’ve been with working with vocalists this year, which has definitely opened me up to a new way of creating music. I love it.

TS: So Jack, on to you, we’ve been slowly hearing more and more about you over the past year, after dropping a few flips on SoundCloud early on, with a bit of support locally here in SA on Fresh 92.7. Since then you’ve definitely moved onto some bigger things, with a big flip of La De Da thrown together by yourself and Lunchbox getting support from Alison Wonderland. Did you ever expect it to pick up that kind of traction, and to end up seeing your name on Alison’s playlist?

Jack Slade: Not at all man. When we put it out we didn’t think it would gain any traction at all so it was quite a surprise to both me and Lunchbox when we heard that Alison had dropped it in one of her mixes. I still remember when he called me up in the middle of the night telling me the great news aha.

TS: You’ve had some more huge news lately, announcing your first two shows, in another state, before you’ve even turned 18, playing at Starfvckers and The Wall in Sydney next week. Does it all feel real yet?

Jack Slade: Nah definitely not dude. It’s all so surreal that I will be over in Sydney this time next week!! So keen to finally meet Ethan and maybe work on some new stuff with him too…

TS: We’ve seen some rumours from Sydney young gun Perto that you have some big tracks you’re sitting on waiting to release. So beyond these few shows coming up, what does the future hold?

Jack Slade: Well I have a fair few originals up my sleeve, hopefully, to come in the next couple of months. Maybe some collabs, some remixes and hopefully some shows back home in Adelaide…

Big shout-out to both of the boys for this track, can’t wait to see what the future holds; because it sounds like it’s going to be pretty damn interesting.  Make sure to get onto their socials to keep up with everything that’s happening.

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