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Getting To Know All Things Slumberjack [INTERVIEW]

Slumberjack are one of the many prominent talents to come out of Australia. On their journey to breakthrough worldwide, Morgan and Fletcher found themselves touring alongside Troyboi for his Left Is Right Tour. Following their massive Fracture EP, this duo carries all the momentum as if it seems everyone is waiting for their next move. Their talent is a ticking time bomb just anxiously waiting to explode. I had the honor of being invited on the tour bus to catch up and ask the two some questions.

What was your first experience with electronic music?

“For me, my parents use to listen to a lot of house stuff when I was a kid. I use to think it was super un-cool because all of the other parents were listening to pop music. I realized as I got older that ‘this is super dope’, that translated of course to other things like bass music and such. -Fletcher.

Shitty bootleg CDs in Malaysia. Hardcore eurotrash, super lame cd’s. Really really bad cringey kind of stuff but at the time I thought it was super cool. I only had one CD too so my cousin and I would just listen to it all the time in the car haha -Morgan

At what point in your guys’ lives did you realize you wanted to do music full time?

“I was 13, I kept it in the back of my mind. I told myself if i had the opportunity I would take it. -Morgan

It was a gradual process for me, I slowly transitioned to full time as I dropped parts of my life like college and work. It was more gradual for me. -Fletcher

What or who were some of your influences at the beginning of this project?

“Ooh, definitely Flume, Timbaland, Mr.Carmack, Pharrell. A lot of hip-hop 90bpm shit with future bass. Skrillex of course is a big influence, we reference him whenever we try writing a song. We want our songs to be proper music but also have the ability to be played at the club and festivals. ” -Slumberjack

You two sprung onto the scene with your remix of Touched by What So Not and the rest is history. During that time did you guys think you’d be touring the world? What was the initial goal for Slumberjack?

“I honestly don’t kinda remember. We tried to be as casual as possible with the release, we didn’t even master it. -Fletcher

We did two versions, one was called ‘limit’ and the other was called ‘fucked’. That’s the one we released and that everyone liked. -Morgan

At the time we wanted to tour, we had dreams of course but we didn’t think that track would cause such an impact. -Fletcher

You guys have now incorporated a live aspect into your performances with keys, drums, and synths. What was the motivation towards turning away from traditional DJ sets?

“We always wanted to do that, DJing was a second thought. We started live without realizing it costs so much to do live shows. We put together everyone from the ground up, after 3 years a Slumberjack live show now exists. We wanted to set ourselves apart, long term fans might get tired of just djing sets.” -Slumberjack

What goes on in your minds before getting up on stage, do you guys have some sort of ritual or words of motivation that you repeat to yourselves?

“Not anymore, in Australia we do that because every show is A LOT. Compared to the states we come out here and try to be ourselves where as in Australia we feel like rockstars. We have a bigger profile over there we sort of have to walk onto the stage pumped, in America it’s a little harder to do that since people are just finding out about us” -Slumberjack

Do you see a difference in the Australian music scene compared to America?

“I think australian fans are harder to impress. Here in the states if they know there’s a lineup of acts they do their research and will get there early to the show to check em out. People in Australia will just go to show and if they don’t like it they’ll be like ‘meh’ -Fletcher

When Australians become fans they become die-hards. It can also be bad because they can turn on you quickly, it’s a great thing to be from there. There’s a standard to be kept. -Morgan”

What are two things you must take with you on tour?

“Contact lenses and Underwear -Morgan

Baby Wipes and Vitamin C -Fletcher

Who are 3 up and comers to look out for?

WILDLYF, Kuren, and Zeke Beats -Slumberjack

It was a huge blessing to have been in the presence of these two soon to be legends. Massive shoutout to them, I recommend catching them soon and keeping your eyes out for their future releases.

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