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T-Mass and Jaxxtone’s “Falling Down” is Out Now on Dim Mak

T-Mass and Jaxxtone are no strangers when it comes to make music; both having simliar yet different sounds.  T-Mass creates lots of feel good bass, and heavier trap/dubstep; while Jaxxtone has a lot of heavy trap, jungle and electronic sounds.  Earlier this year they released their track “Gave To Me,” which was a more feel good bass sounding track, along with a mellow trap line.  The two did an incredible job on “Gave To Me;” combining their sounds to create an emotional and beautiful number.

Out today, on Dim Mak, is their latest collab featuring Bianca, “Falling Down.”  The track is really pretty; highlighting the artist lighter side to the music they create.  Along with the beautiful vocals from Bianca, “Falling Down” is the perfect melodic infused trap track.  As soon as we hit play on “Falling Down” we knew we were about to feel some type of way.  The lyrics are super catchy and had us hitting repeat over and over.  HUGE congrats to the two for the Dim Mak release and even more praise for the beautiful track the two created together.  These guys sounds mesh super well together and we have a feeling this is just beginning on collaborations with T-Mass and Jaxxtone.

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