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Insomniac Goes Big With Audio On The Bay

Insomniac gave Audio On The Bay an upgrade when they decided to switch to one of most iconic venues San Francisco has to offer. The Bill Graham has been the home of the most insane and monumental shows. This event now adds to that long list of historically important concerts. I’d like to thank Insomniac Events for inviting me out to experience the show for myself.

I fell in love with everything from the visuals, to the intricately curated lineup.

A bill full of optimism turned out to be a beautifully directed show. Each artist had their own unique style and they all put it on display so well. Mr.Skeleton opened the doors to a dark and grueling floor of mid-tempo. Introducing many to that dark style founded by Rezz, No Mana, and K?D just to name a few. The curiosity filled the room very quickly. Next up was Ducky, who in my opinion, stole the show. Ducky’s performance allowed the crowd to dip into her insane style of hardcore and trap. The visuals that accompanied her set went so well with the music that the crowd broke into a huge uproar as I witnessed the audience break into a massive dance party. What a breath of fresh air, her artistry really turned me into a fan.

It was night full of perfectly displayed talent. Every DJ really performed as if they truly belong on that stage. SAYMYNAME, 4B, and Herobust all took the stage to show the Bay Area crowd how nasty they can be. An area heavily influenced by bass music, there was a lot of pressure put on these three to deliver. SAYMYNAME’s stage presence was unreal as he realized he might have found a 2nd home with these fans. 4B’s energy and pace was unreal. Herobust flexed a ton of new music that will have everyone keeping their eyes on him in the near future. Showtek and Jauz were given the keys to send this show home.

Like true headliners, Showtek kept the party going and elevated the audiences moods to a whole other level. Jauz, returning home yet again, played an incredible set. Giving everyone a balanced portion of everything that’d make a fan go wild while also blending in that Bay Area sound in Rap music. Everyone was amped and considering how perfect the show went, expectations are high for the next Audio On The Bay.


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