Congrats on yet another Monstercat release! You’ve been killing it lately!

Thank you boizz!

What made you want to expand out to other genres?

Tbh for me personally its nothing new. Since the start of my career I’ve been making other styles of music for fun. Tracks like “Let’s Get Crunk” and the infamous id) are genuinely no different. The only difference now is I guess I’m friends with people like Kayzo who play this stuff out, and hence people are actually hearing it. Man, if you YouTube ‘Geezy – hashtag’ you’ll find a bass track I made years ago!

HUGE fan of “Over The Edge” with Kayzo. What inspired you guys to collab for that? 

I mean its a great vocal! Kayzo hit me up with it and we decided it would be fun just to make a slower summer record. And that’s exactly what happened!

What made you want to produce Dubstep like “Let’s Get Crunk?”

I’ve ALWAYS liked dubstep / trap. People act like its this sudden thing but I’ve always been massively vocal about it. The first time I watched Kayzo play I was super inspired by all these weird and wonderful rhythms so I fucked around and made this. Interestingly its all my hardcore drums. The Kick is my signature kick, the sub is just my red drink foam party kick filtered down. In a way I guess it gives the song sonic character which is something I’ve always been into

You’ve been staying really busy too with lots of shows, what’s that like constantly putting out music and playing shows?

Haha its crazy because It’s like my career has suddenly been given a new burst of life.

Now it’s crazy because I’ve started getting into this whole touring and world travelling business and there’s a part of me that’s like oh my god this is hard I’m so tired all the time’ 

And then I check myself. 2 years ago I was going nowhere and doing nothing and was totally lost in music and life, I remind myself that I need to be grateful for everything that’s going on, and also that I have fans out there supporting me and letting me live my dream! It has been a real adjustment period though, that much time away from the family gets really, really lonely. It’s also finally made me clean up my act in regards to my diet and personal health. It’s amazing how much this lifestyle catches up with you

Favorite event/fest you’ve played this summer? 

EDC Bitches!!!!!!!!! I was so choked up by the end of that set man I was basically crying.

Also hungover and dying of heatstroke….again…lifestyle.

What event/fest are you most excited to play next?

Rare is my next big thing and I’m super stoked. Anything i can do to hit new audiences is a bonus and plus its RARE.

Can we expect any Monstercat releases soon of different genres?

………fuck yea

What can we expect the rest of 2017 from Gammer? Anymore Kayzo collabs?

I got more music coming out, I think theres an EP in there somewhere. Im working on more remixes…theres merchandise coming. Id like to restart my youtube channel and get things popping on there. And yea me and Kayzo started working on something recently i just need to stop being useless and actually work on it. also shout out to Yultron me and him are working on something and Marshmello has been seriously supporting it.