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Darker & Grittier, Levitate and Macntaj Release ‘Bodied’

Levitate x Macntaj Bodied

It’s always an amazing sight to see when two genres team up to produce something new and exciting, in this case, it was  LEViT∆TE and Macntaj’s Omni EP.

For the uninitiated here, LEViT∆TE is a prized possession of the EDM circuit. Despite his young age, the man has already earned himself a notable name in the Billboard toppers. His collaborator on the Omni project is another young artist, Macntaj. The Ghanese rapper made his debut with “Lightwaves” and ever since then people have been taking note. So when these two incredible artists came together, sparks were bound to fly and sparks flew with Omni all right.

Part of a new wave in the world of electronic music this duo has been dishing out eclectic and potently unique work. Since the beginning of September, from “War Ready” to “Bodied”, The duo has been knocking it out of the park with their dark and gritty sounds. ”

“Bodied”, the last song on the EP, is an absolute treat. Macntaj blooms in this track, with the vocalist in him on full display, his voice gives a character to the song that is maddeningly delightful. LEViT∆TE has an uncanny ability to infuse trance music to electronica, and “Bodied” is definitely his masterpiece. The track will take you on a dark and almost scary roller coaster of emotions but such is the entire album. When that ride is over though you will be wanting to take it over and over again.

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