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‘Yo’, sfam And Bawldy Premier Their New Experimental Trap Tune

Releasing on UZ’s Quality Goods Records is Mississippi music duo sfam with their fresh and tasty sauce titled ‘ Yo ’. 

sfam, a partnership of Jacob Hoerner and Michael Pearson have worked together for some time now. Joining sfam is multi-genre artist Bawldy to bring a trap tune that is peppered with nods to dubstep and neuro. ‘ Yo’ is one of  Furthermore, the experimental nature of this track makes for a seriously powerful listen.

sfam premiering new tune Yo

Oscillating sounds commence the movement as foreboding atmospheres fill the space. Claps paired with the lead synth, layer on top of one another building energy before climaxing with a record stop effect. What follows are heavy sub 808’s underlying the catchy lead, accompanied by trap hi-hats. Simplicity is powerful in this mix as syncopated notes move the track forward, keeping things interesting and lead into the break.

The all encompassing atmosphere returns along with sci-fi style sounds that seem to bend in the distance, as if to signify that something is coming. Listeners don’t have to wait long as white noise and claps pull them downwards into the abyss of the final drop. Parallels and simplicity play the roll here as the second drop mirrors the first. Tonality changes of the previous lead carry the energy while feeling more metallic; more synthetic. The steady pace is broken intermittently by panned ear candy, teasing the mind, before shooting along as if these were glitches from the listener all along. Granulated sounds entice the ears one last time over bass before coming to an abrupt stop in the last moments of ‘ Yo ’.

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