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Troyboi Seeks Influence From Diana Ross With “Don’t Want”

Troyboi is back with yet another amazing release. This time, he has taken inspiration from Diana Ross’  “Love Hangover” to create a funk-wave hit. The London native manages to remake the original vocals and melodies into something we definitely want!

His mellow introduction plays a key role to the energy of the song. The rhythm in the first half is pretty similar to the 1976 piece. Yet still incredibly distinct on its own. About halfway through the remix, the song fades out in slow motion to bring in a head rocking beat. Troyboi‘s style is still recognizable with this modern take on a classic. Who would have thought this could work? Taking works of art from a previous time period can often be risky. Are there are higher expectations to be met? There is a big time frame in between these release dates. However, the London producer did a respectful job turning “Love Hangover” into something we don’t need a cure for.

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