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DMVU Delivers Groundbreaking New EP On Circus Records

Denver based bass underdog DMVU just dropped an extremely forward thinking bass EP on Flux Pavillion’s Circus Records. The Cloccworcc EP consists of five absolutely insane tracks. You couldn’t put a label on any of these tunes, each of them creatively diverse in their own right.

First catching our eye with the smash hit Blocc’d, released on Truth’s Deep, Dark, & Dangerous label. DMVU seems to be blazing a trail of modern and unique bass music. His sound design is immaculate and his fresh take on arrangement is a testament to his creativeness.

“I would say the main inspiration for this ep is just to make dope music that I like and that my friends like. The main goal of this EP was to strip back club music and make it scarier and and slower. Think chopped and screwed dubstep/trap but with chainsaw sounds” -DMVU


He is currently on tour throughout North America with Yheti and Toadface until mid-November. You can catch him at a few up and coming dates mentioned above.


The Cloccworcc EP is just wild, from front to back. The lead single Blubbles goes very hard. The plop-like bass lead feels similar to the one utilized in Blocc’d, completely used in a new light. Filled in subsequently with creative sampling and atmospheric stabs.

Le Wild West is an absolute monster of a track. Down-tempo heaviness, utilizing extremely deep sound design and a catchy vocal hook. He sprinkles high stabby synths on top that tie the track together beautifully.

Another notable track is West Coast Witch Doctor. It utilizes a whiney-like synth that is extremely catchy. The scattered nature of this track takes you on a trip to another dimension. Drawing you in, anticipating what could possibly be next.

Stream the EP in its entirety here: