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Electrocado Release ‘Smooth & Creamy EP’ On Mau5trap

I’ve been a Mr. Bill fan for the past 5 years and when I discovered his Electrocado duo project with Ryanosaurus back in 2015 with their album ‘Scribble’ it was love at first sight. This is the projects first release for the year and what a way to do it with a release on Mau5trap. Lets get into this ep!

The EP begins with ‘Bogan Philosophy‘, a 8 minute tech house journey. The track progressively takes you to different places you didn’t possibly think could be in one song. Between the interesting glitches, vocal samples, synth bass design and melodic content it’s hard to pick a favourite part of this track but certain orchestral break in the middle is something that catches my ears.

The second track on this EP is ‘Refined Tech‘ is the shortest track on the EP, just clocking in over 6 mins. Like the previous track this track changes up a lot in vibes, after the 3 minute mark you’re brought into this classic Electrocado melodic section and you just know from here it will get even better. It progressively builds into this glitchy and melodic drop that you’ll surely want to put on repeat.

The third track of the EP is ‘Bouncey Balls‘, this continues the vibes from the previous track lots of chopped elements in the beginning that brings you into the first drop. Something standout for this track is the outro, it’s got this whacky vocal chop section that lasts for the majority of the outro.

The final track of this EP is ‘Nutty Bickie‘ with Kilowatts, this track is definitely a favourite for me. This one for me standouts a bit more with the old skool techno vibe to it, almost reminiscent of early deadmau5 for me. The second half of this is when things just start getting insane with the introduction of weird glitchy melodic elements scattered throughout the drop.

Overall this EP is a step in the right direction for them but also for Tech House and Techno being some of the most unique and interesting pieces I’ve heard this year in those genres.

You can stream the EP down below:

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