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Fox Stevenson Returns to Disciple with ‘For Fox Sake EP’

The week’s end is upon us and one of EDM’s most versatile musicians is making a comeback on one of bass music’s leading record label. English producer and DJ Fox Stevenson is best known for his innovative approach to electronic music, flexing his creativity between his electro house releases on labels like Spinnin’ Records and SPRS to his drum and bass, trap, and dubstep takes on labels like Monstercat and Firepower Records.

This time, however, Stevenson’s latest batch of tracks in his For Fox Sake EP is brought to you by Dodge & Fuski and Myro found label Disciple Records. Much like his previous Disciple EP No Fox Given, Fox Stevenson showcases his newest productions playing to his best strengths while concocting catchy melodies.

The first track on the EP is “The Heat” where he warms listeners to his style of combining aggressive tenacity with rhythmic animation through the appropriate genre of dubstep. The collaboration with Scamp called “Gunshot Sonato” takes Stevenson’s dubstep proficiency and pushes it into the modern sound of bass music while teasing an eclectic melodic on what sounds like an 18th century piano. Fox Stevenson also brings back the use of his vocal chords singing on “Miss You” about unapologetic feelings of saudade. His melodic synths and vocal performance harmonize while he sings about his emotional state of mind. The same applies to his drum and bass mix of “Miss You” where Stevenson changes the entire flow from it’s slower, original dusbtep counterpart. His singing is intact, the melody and drop remain the same, but the variation in genre give an essentially new dimension one of the EP’s strongest tracks.

Although it’ll be tough for him to top his biggest release of the year “Lighthouse” with Ookay, Fox Stevenson puts together a consistently enjoyable group of tracks consisting of intense dubstep, soaring drum and bass, and introspective lyrics wrapped up in a fifteen-minute package.

Listen to the new EP below:

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