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Julian Gray Brings Progressive House Back!

If you’ve not heard of Julian Gray, he is a young artist living in Los Angeles producing a wide variety of sounds ranging from Electro House to Techno and Progressive House. The genre isn’t something you hear much these days but it’s always a treat to find a well crafted and musically interesting track.

The single begins with piano and soft pads, as the melody repeats more stacks of ambiance begin layering on top of each other. When the drop hits you’re initially thinking it’s a very chill house song, you’re very wrong. The lead melody that’s introduced in this song really defines and sets the mood for this track. This record is a beautiful take on the once popular genre of Progressive House with a twist of stellar production quality that you can achieve in this day and age.

If you would like to listen to this song you can view it down below with the music video!

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