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Dirty Audio Releases Another Trap Single, “Stacks”

Dirty Audio’s latest release “Stacks” is a crowd pleaser for trap fans keen on the producer’s massive bass drops. The song’s beginning doesn’t disappoint as a dirty pluck melody accompanies classic trap horns. The “Bodak Yellow” style intro has an immediate rap appeal that would not surprise Dirty Audio fans. While Dirty Audio has previously released major rap songs such as “Mob” with Carbin, this new release goes straight into the trap category.

The intro plugs quickly fade into an immense 32-bar build up. The drop exemplifies classic trap done right. The heavy distorted bass fills the low end while crispy plucked synths create a catchy, high-intensity lead. The integrated Lex Luger style kicks and snares give the track the trap flare that completes it. The drop is simple with harsh sounds that Dirty Audio layers perfectly in the mix. “Stacks” can be added to the huge stash of Dirty Audio songs that makes him one of the hottest artists in the trap scene.

Listen to “Stacks” Now: