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Slushii Levels Up With New Dubstep Single

The ever so talented Slushii has just dropped a new single. ‘Level Up’ provides fans a refreshing burst of energy with his new production. The man portrayed as a beautiful and colorful smoothie continues to wow us with his musical prowess. As the track states “I’m on a whole nother level”, the single pleads guilty to this notion and in fact proves itself right.

The pace of this song will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat as the intro quickly leads you to a breakdown greeted by a huge melody. The lead synth won’t be easy to rid of as it’s appeal easily sways you into a state of euphoria. No games were played in the studio this day as both choruses are completely different and unpredictable. An absolute treat, ‘Level Up’ is out now!

Stream The Track Here:

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