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Tank Parade Fires His Lasers With Space Glock

Young talent bass producer Tank Parade blasts into the spotlight with Space Glock.

Originating from the “Bass Capitol” of the States, Denver, Colorado, Ben Benecke is hitting hard with intent to kill. Furthermore, the 21-year-old producer has gained the attention of the likes Datsik, Excision, Snails and much more with unforgiving bass lines and intense phrasing. His newest track, Space Glock brings dark and ominous elements with intensity and syncopation.

The track begins with trap bass hits and brass stabs and Sci-Fi style synths, seeming like another generic track. Those feelings immediately melt away as the sound cuts out and is replaced by drum-line beats filling the space. Well placed sound design impacts foreshadow the impending drop as the speed of the drums increase. Snares and synthetic kicks follow the trend and hype the build alongside risers and more brass in the background. This track is special.

“With my Space Glock sounds as aggressive phrasing of the bass line slams the sub hard. The first drop has many changeups to keep the listener banging their head throughout. Following is a small break before the neck is decimated once more by intense and ever-evolving bass lines. Ben gives a small reprieve with spacious and eerie pads coupled with snares and more brass hits. Safety is short lived though as the drum-line from before comes back in. Tank Parade has no chill with the exciting build before the second crescendo.

Once more the track fires intense bass lines and Sci-Fi lasers before the drop is cut short for a reprieve. Ever morphing and malicious movements drive the track home in a final drop before leading to the outtro. Reminiscent of the beginning bars, the resolution is found within the chaos of past four minutes. Tank Parade brought it in his newest tune, and you can expect more to come in the next year. Where’s my neck-brace?

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