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Honest And To The Heart, AWAY Releases ‘Honest to God’

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Honest and to the heart, AWAY releases ‘Honest to God’

It has been about 6 months since Away has graced us with a new song. Away stunned audiences everywhere with his dark beauty ‘Sleepwalker’, and this time the mysterious DJ is back again with his Somber ‘Honest to God’.

Talking about regret, Away encapsulate the heartbreaking nature of the song with guitar riffs followed with reverberated hits. As the atmospheric piano keys play with Charity’s Solemn vocals the song truly shows the desperation to avoid the pain of regretful decisions. The granulated ticks slow down with time as it leads to the drums the listener can feel the incapacitating sense of pain that creeps up on us with every tick. The call and Response that begins at the middle point of the song feels like Charity is having a conversation with her ex-lover With the chilling oscillations of the supersaw. The song ends with the grim sounds of an echoey hollow room and piano keys giving space to her final confession.

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