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Steve Void’s ‘Perfect Mess’ Is So Clean

Written By Nate Earsley


Every once in a while a song comes around that is almost too relatable. This pop hit touches on the realistic ups and downs of relationships, and it is well executed. From capturing the vibe of a “Perfect Mess” with haunting lyrics performed so masterfully by Laurel to the controlled and clean production by Steve Void and Navarra, this tune is sure to find a special place in the hearts of many, who I’m sure can relate to the message.

The subtleties in this track are what take it to the next level. You might notice, that a perfect mess is a paradox, as is the fact that the lyrics are seemingly sad but the vibe feels happy, fitting the meaning of the song quite nicely. The hook is so catchy it might be hard to get out of your head, and once the drop hits you get a mix of euphoric, and nostalgic feelings all at once… hopes, dreams, memories, love, pain… it’s all there. This release has yet to make its mark on the potential new fans it may generate, we hope to help it reach as many people as possible, so it can help listeners get through their day.

If you have not yet heard it go check this timeless tune now!

Written By Nate Earsley